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Topic: Do politicians make rash decisions in order to make world history??
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Do politicians make rash decisions in order to make world history??
on: September 14, 2013, 06:41

its strange recently that the world leaders seem to be getting ever more ‘big headed’.

To put things into perspective you can relate back to the days of the Founding Fathers…… Fought for independance, did the right thing, genuine, honest and were real powerful leaders.

Moving through history you get people like lincoln, Churchill, Eisenhower. Great leaders, were well known for there honest motives…….

But recently what the hell is going off.

George W Bush in my opinions couldnt get much worse, but atleast he created a few jobs in America, so along came the saviour, that is Obama…… Dreamy eyed black guy flying the flag for a new america…….

I have never seen such an arrogant, unsympathetic and unempathetic human ever. All he seems to want to do is bomb the living daylights out of others hiding beind the weak mask of drone attacks. Discusting…

Cameron, Blair and Brown were no different, throwing policies and the English heritage and nature out of the the window with their rash views and decisions.

What strikes me is that ive never been to a country or spoke to anyone that wholeheartedly loves their Government. Now with that in mind, dont you think that its time to turn a page, to stop acting like a doormat for ridiculous policies. i often feel extremely patronised when the suppose ‘leaders’ run amock as if us the people are a load of scape goats. Totally out of order….. And especially if there doing all this for some ego trip, or some powerhoused hunger trip. Because at the moment thats certainly looking like the culprit. grrrrr

We all know that Obama, Cameron and Hollande are keen on military action in Syria, but are these reasons a more sinister motive for creating history for themselves.

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