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Topic: Are 30 hours a week acceptable for the unemployed to work??
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Are 30 hours a week acceptable for the unemployed to work??
on: September 14, 2013, 06:47

Heard about this legislation that is trying to be put through by the Conservatives and I think it is crazy.

Simply, if you want your unemployment benefit, you need to work voluntarily for 30 hours a week (although this includes going to the job centre etc so lets say you work 28 hours of the week).

Now, I feel that people who are unemployed should do some compulsory volunteering, but 30 hours is steep. I would think 15 hours is more acceptable.

There’s a few things wrong with this:

Say you have to quit your job due to looking after children or due to exhaustion at work, you are then forced straight back to work.

I’m not entirely sure how much you get in unemployment benefit, but I’m pretty sure if you worked 30 hours a week for it, it would be slave labour.

I’m sure I might be ridiculous with this one, but does this mean those who can’t work (for example the disabled) have to work? And will junkies (practically every one of them in my area) claim that they are disabled to avoid work?

This could easily increase unemployment if certain stores (Poundland was one shop that took on these people) take on volunteers and decide that they do not need to take on as many paid staff because they can make it past on volunteers.

I am currently unemployed and in between education, and I can tell you that being unemployed and doing nothing is so boring. I’m assuming that the Tories assume that most people who are unemployed and lazy sods, when the truth is, there is no jobs (well in Scotland anyway).

So what’s your thoughts on this?

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