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The hugely anticipated GTA V is going to be coming out into the games rooms soon.

I personally cannot wait for its release, its should a iconic game now I cant think of many games that can top it.

I can remember the old London style ones in Birdseye view. thinking that that was only 10 years ago is strange really. The improvement made to both graphics and game-play is undeniably unbelievable, it makes you wonder what the future games will be like, i doubt well be able to know whats real and whats fiction…. weird.

But to be fair there are some other awesome games that need to be kept up like:

BIOSHOCK < possibly the most awesome game ever, apparently they are making it into a film… BOSS

FIFA: cant beat abit of FIFA and the graphics just keep getting WOW



OMG its making me look like a games freak…….. so true though haha

Strictly or X-Factor??

So come on lets here you. They’re both on at the same time and always seem to clash.

im always stuck in a dilemma as to what to watch!!! Stricyle or X-Factor.

To be fair, i’m a singer, so X-Factor is the no.1 for me!! Love it, recently though i think the vibe about it has gone. And the fact that Simon no longer sits on the panel is abit of a bummer cause he was one of the main reasons why i watched it.

Regardless, irs hard to turn off, and the initial auditions are literally Hilarrr.


Well apparently the PS4 is slightly more powerful than the XBOX1, I dont think its a huge difference but these high end games now need some pretty intense computer power. So im guessing when your playing multi-player platforms theres a chance that a few problems may occur in the XBOX1, but who knows.

So i suppose if the difference is tiny it really comes down to the exclusives. The PS4 generally doesnt come with the most exciting exclusives but the power is potentially better. However the XBOX tends to really hold to its own when it comes down to non-gaming features!!!

MMMMMMMM i can see this to become abit of a struggle!!!

OH MY GOD, wts happnd to Miley Cyrus

Fnally got around to watching this Miley Cyrus Twerking vid and literally couldnt believe my eyes. Wt the hell is she doing!!!! She looks like a complete nutter!!!.

now i usd to like Miley Cyrus but shes gone totally downhill in my standards nw. I mean seriously, wts with all the weird looking teddy bears. AND KEEP THAT TONGUE IN!!! Her backside looks terrible and THERES KIDS IN THE AUDIENCE.

PHHHHEEEEEEWWWWW. Rant over 🙂 For anyone whos interested, heres the linkage

Sloppy Journalism and misleading representations!!!

Hi all,

Does anyone else feel that the media sometimes misrepresent certain topics??

I dont know about you, but I get see it all them time, i read newspapers and get drawn in by some headline and then turns out the actual article is completely irrelevant in relation to the title!!! This has got to a stage now where I’ve stopped buying ‘The Sun’ or ‘The Mirror’ as these two companies seem to be the worst culprits!!! Anyone else come accross this issue?? Seems to be rife at the moment….