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The big debate!! Apple or Windows……..Or Linux


Whats everyones low down on your method of cyber transportation??

Do you open the curtains for a windows machine
Are the macs the apple in your eye
or is linux the tux of systems

Im pretty sure we all started of with windows. Maybe im jumping to conclusions but i did lol.

Saying that though we did have one of those macintoshes in primary school, and as i can remember it was that long ago parental conditioning had not yet made it to the internet, so us 13 year olds ended up getting alot more than we bargained for haha.

Anyways over these transdental years of life ive seen a fair few computers and gotta admit ive been totally convinced. Windows is crap.

Well, i cant be too harsh i suppose. Pretty much every program supports windows functionality and its a little annoying sometimes when the programs havnt been designed for the MAC system, but ive gotta admit its coming close

Windows systems tend to be long drawn out, cumbersome, and to be fair, out-dated these days. Especially now the powerhouse that is Apple have come along and pretty much swept up the net of information technology.

Windows for me though has been a close friend in the past, you security was loose so you could mess around with pretty mcuh anything you like. Apple on the other hand, tend to be a little heavy handed on things, they prefer a Lock rather than a Key i suppose.

A few years back now i get rudely interupted and thrown onto a mac pc. Errrrrr its different, whats this button do?? whats that button do?? i dont know, but i didnt like it.

The ipod snuck out and then BOOM, things started getting big.

It was the macs speed that everyone enjoyed and to this day its at the forefront of design and ingenuity and to be fair microsoft is wavering behind in quite and embarrassing fashion.

I cant really say much about Linux apart from the fact that it never gets a bad wrap. And if i was ever to convert to Linux, which to be fair i can see myself doing in the future, its because its open source.

Therefore you get no spying soen-sos, no dodgy backend loops and no power source telling me what i can and cannot do :)\

anyways, whats everybody elses ideas??

Be interesting to know 😀

What is your preferred browser??

This is quite a tricky one for me,

Im a graphic and webdesigner so id like to see myself as being quite intune with browsers.

The main ones i would say are… in no particular order.


Now all of them have some pros and cons, but id rather prefer to write about each one a little


Generally a quick broswer, excellent at de-bugging sites and browsing source codes and CSS


Again a speedy browser and to be quite honest its got a ‘hip’ persona, nice extensions panel and de-bugging options


ONE WORD: USELESS……. Painfully slow, completely goes against everyother browsers preferences on displaying code. I dont like Bill Gates so this adds to the fury i have over IE


Not had much experience with opera but never heard a bad word about it really, it seems to be getting pushed to one side a little but i know it has a large collection of loyal followers.


Nice and safe browser, reliable but poor coding options and extensions. A little slower than chrome and firefox i feel

Over all best for me: CHROME closely followed by FIREFOX
Worst: Thats easy I.E

Who’s the best?? Google, Bing, Yahoo, Or ASK??

This is a pretty easy one really, but i hear more and more people using different search engines.

For me its always been Google.

However a few years back I moved between google and ask interchangeably. I don’t know why, but i felt like these were the biggest competitors so i liked to ‘test’ both of them out on regular occasions.

Ask, now however, seems to have completely fell off the side of the Earth. They must be really miffed cause the power of Google now is now immense. If they could have kept the grip they too could have become a global powerhouse.

I know that the dark horse Bing has currently released some fanatastic map features, and i know that Yahoo is massive in places like China and Japan.

Talking about map features though apparently Nokia needs to be kept an eye on. I think theyve been putting all of their research and money into creating state of the art mapping systems. Personally i havnt tried them out, but id like to see Nokia get its foot through the door again, just because ‘snake’ was one of the childhood memories haha.

Do you worry about password??

Recently ive been getting abit worried about my Password use. I literally must have signed up to hundreds of random sites and offers over the years and switched between like 3 passwords……. my memory doesnt usually suit me too well 😛 so i tend to pick easy to remember passwords.

You here alot about people stealing passwords and getting into accounts etc!!! To be honest it scares me abit now!!! Anyone got any advice about passwords?? or had yours stolen??



WordPress Websites are tends to hack this days

Sometimes the malware was introduced through a compromised desktop system. Make sure you run a full anti-virus/malware scan on your local machine. Some viruses are good at detecting AV software and hiding from them. So maybe try a different one. This advice gen1001547_448747985222966_856111465_nerally only applies to Windows systems.Another way is unhide all the files and folders and unhide the extensions of all the files, run a search for *.exe files, sort them by size, most malicious code is executable and is lesser than 5MB usually but can be > 5MB. Also not every .exe under 5MB is malicious, delete the known viruses/worms/autoruns, make a list of all suspected executables, check against online database.