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Dedicated to all the sporting events


So lets have a fun topic!!

Whats everyones favourite obscure sport??

This one is an easy one for me!!! And its dodgeball,

I absolutely love this game and genuinely thing it should make it to the Olympics haha, but seriously the best game ive ever played at school.

I think it really made its name from the film DODGEBALL anyone else seen it as many times as me?? HAHA.


In what sport do you need the best ‘overall’ athlete??

What are people ideas about the best ‘overall’ athletes.

These can be teams of athletes, individuals etc. There is going to be a slight confusion here about all rounder athletes, but lets see what youve got.

For me personally it has to be Cyclists.

The Tour De France must be the no.1 most difficult race to do. The distance is incredible the athletes must be so so incredibly fit.

Im not sure where i heard this from but ive heard that these atheletes are so fit that their organs in their bodies have actually moved around and adapted in order to sustain the massive amount of continued hammer and endurance,

letters on a postcard 🙂

Is Lampard still up to the mark to lead British football??

Frankie is 35 now and is coming up to his 100th cap for England!!! Recently ive seen him waivering abit and he doesnt really seem to be like his ‘old’ self. But then out of nowhere he will totally sweep everyone off their feet with something thats unbelievable.

Recently, Zidane said to Match of the Day that Frank is still one of Englands key players and he is a naturally leader!!!

Im not too sure, and with England currently being shot down to their lowest FIFA ranking of 17 I personally think we need a complete reshuffle!!!

The plans for the future of English football

Greg Dyke – they new FA chairman is going to make a plea that the FA and Premier league work together to ensure more English players get a chance..

What are the chances of any sort of agreement like that coming in when the Premier league is so money and instant results orientated that managers will never get time to build and develop a side?

You only have to listen to the post transfer window discussions to see that – Moyes already getting stick from some for not buying anyone bar Fellaini.

I suspect the FA partly live off the popularity the Premier league has across the world too…are they going to that concerned?

Its been an issue for years….