How can I receive notice that there is an activity on a discussion??

It is easy to be notified of activities on a particular discussion topic. Follow these steps to subscribe to a discussion topic:

Navigate to a discussion topic you are interested in. When viewing the first post of the discussion, directly below the it, there is link that reads “Notify”. Once you click on the link, a text box will appear asking you whether you want to be added to the email mailing list for this discussion, click ‘OK’ To submit.

Congratulations, you have now successfully subscribed to that particular discussion thread. Once you have successfully tracked a discussion, you will be notified periodically by e-mail whenever there are any updates to that discussion.

To unsubscribe from any of your tracked discussions or to view which discussion topics you are subscribed to, click on the Notify link on the bottom of the message. A message box will appear stating “Remove this topic from email notifications”, clicking ok will remove you from the notification email on that discussion.

Please Note: This feature requires you to be registered with Expressyourfury and logged in.