How do I update my details??

To edit or update your Expressyourfory profile you must first be logged into Expressyourfury. Once you have logged in, on any given Expressyourfury page, on the top right hand corner of the page click on the “My account” link. Once you’ve click on the link, you will be presented with your own profile management page where you can upload a photo and change your password. To edit your profile page to tell other members a little bit about yourself you can do so by clicking “Here”. Here you can edit your:

First Name

Last Name


Display name publicly as




Yahoo IM

Jabber/Google talk

Biographical info


Once you have finished click the update profile button to save your changes.

Please Note: Please exercise your best judgment when revealing personal information about yourself when filling out your profile. You are responsible for the content provided on your profile page. All forum usage policies and Expressyourfury Terms of Use will be applied to your profile page.)